The Oceanside Education Foundation Mission Statement

The Oceanside Education Foundation Mission Statement

“…There is also a great need for some place or agency whereby the many significant records now scattered about and eventually lost may be preserved…There is also a great need for community action in the preservation of its historic markers.”

-Dr. Walter S. Boardman “The Story of Oceanside”

Schoolhouse Green seeks to address these concerns raised by Dr. Boardman over 40 years ago by:

• Creating a town green on the former School 1 property and highlighting the historical significance of the site. The Oceanside School District’s earliest schools were built on this site between 1880 and 1923. We also hope to mark the site of the first 1838 schoolhouse down the street at the northwest corner of Foxhurst and Oceanside Roads.

• Creating a site to be used by elementary and secondary Social Studies programs to teach local history courses – acquiring the original building or replica of Oceanside’s original 1838 schoolhouse where students can experience firsthand what it was like to be a student back in the 1800’s.

• Creating a site to showcase Oceanside’s historical pictures, documents and memorabilia by restoring the original or building a replica of Oceanside’s original 1838 schoolhouse on the green. Additional secured storage space will be necessary to properly preserve and catalog materials.

• Creating a program under the auspices of the Oceanside Education Foundation and the Oceanside School District where students will learn about Oceanside history and actively participate in its preservation. On the primary level, this will include a videography project headed by one of our grade school principals, where fourth graders will interview long-time town residents, thereby creating an oral history/town “memoir.” On the secondary level, students will collect historical information from numerous sources to create archives. At present, there is no collection point for Oceanside historical information. Students will also catalogue current history to create documentation for posterity.

Current Projects

The Oceanside Education Foundation has a primary goal: to develop the ultimate resource for the study of the history of Oceanside, New York. It is our mission to create a body of knowledge that can be used by the students of the Oceanside School District in their study of our history, and which can be enjoyed by all members of our community.

Our first two main projects are the creation of Schoolhouse Green and the development of a Virtual Museum of Oceanside History.

Each of these projects has sub-committees, and they overlap in may instances. Your help is needed and appreciated. Feel free to make a donation, or contact us if you would like to contribute information or volunteer time!

Project 1— The Schoolhouse Green Site

The development of the old School #1 property into Schoolhouse Green is underway! The dream is to have a location which can serve as a sort of village green, a central area where our community can congregate, mingle and relax. The site will include a 19th Century schoolhouse, and a structure which can house and display the history of Oceanside.

Phase One of this plan required the removal of old asphalt and dead trees which has been completed. A grant arranged through the good offices of our friend Sen. Dean Skelos has propelled the project forward!

Phase Two of the construction will involve adding topsoil, installing irrigation (designed to be modified as the plan progresses), leveling and seeding. Fencing will be added to the front of the property. That work is in process now!!

Phase Three is the design of the site. Currently a committee is preparing the specifications for an architectural landscape design contest. People with technical training, and those without; those who live here, and those around the world with access to the Internet; adults and children alike– all will be asked to submit ideas for the site plan. Information on the contest will be available soon.

Phase Four will be the construction of the site itself.

Phase Five will be the maintenance and upkeep of the site and structures.

When complete this project will transform an abandoned school ground into a vital, living center of the community.

The History of Oceanside

Editor’s note: this is a site in development–not all aspects are ready or complete– comments are appreciated, as is your patience!)

The Oceanside Education Foundation is proud to present the History of Oceanside. We are indebted to the leaders of our community who took the time and effort over the last century to document the history of our town. We are attempting to make their work accessible to all, while enhancing their works with the tools available to us in the age of the Internet.

Oceanside may exist next to the sea, but it is not an island. We have attempted to incorporate in this history a sense of what was going on in the world, to give the student an idea of the forces outside Oceanside which influenced our forefathers (and foremothers).

Click on the History Book to Start

You can explore the history of Oceanside in different ways. “Timeline” will give you a tour through Oceanside’s history in more or less time order.

Within the text you will find several symbols: Click on and you will see what was going on elsewhere in the world at around that time;

Click on and you will read a quote;

Click on and you will see a fun fact, or a point of interest.

There is no question that this site would have been impossible except for the works of these wonderful Oceansiders: Dr. Walter Boardman who, in 1960, wrote “the History of Oceanside”; Mrs. Frances Weaver Heinley who wrote the unbelievably detailed “A History of the White Man in that Portion of the Town of Hempstead Known as Oceanside” in 1937; and Mr. George Lascher who wrote “The History of the Oceanside Public Schools; Fifty Years of Progress, 1900-1949”. Their works will be available, in their entirety, on this site.

Dr. Boardman’s book, lovingly reprinted with photographs and more, is available through our bookstore.

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